Friday, January 28, 2005

Played CounterStrike for the whole day at least I fagged lesser today because of that. Now I can say that I can play okay. Atleast I can kill one or two people in that.

Then "Meri Aatma Jag Gayi" I had to do my BTech Project work. The optimization algorithm was a bit easier as given in CLR. Atleast I could get a hang of it what was going on. The name of algo was simplex i though it was because of some simplicity it should :-) but simplex is some sort of n-dimensional figure obtained by all the points that satisfy all the constraints. In 2-d it may form a polygon

Basically the problem is Combinatorial Auctioning. Insted of auctioning individual items now the auctioneer shows them multiple items and each one of them have to submit "a" price for a subset of items they want. Note that they dont price the items individually but price the set of items they want. Now there are two problems to it. One is given a bidder has some amount of money she/he wants to invest it in ""best"" manner. The other computationally hard task is to determine who the winner is given the bids.

No there are two approaches to the problem 1. Constraint Programming 2. Linear Programming (LP)
After much deliberations I have to follow the second one. Actually a variant of the second one called Mixed Integer Programming (MIP).

Though i have studied MIP a little but how to model our problem as MIP is still foggy
Adios .....

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