Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tradition, Culture and Modernity in Technology

Whatever I say hence forward, there is no point in argument, analysis, debate. Just listen to it. If you feel sensible okay if you find it insensible then gurrrrret. They are ramblings put to words.

Words are birds,
they can fly
They can make you happy
and surely you can cry

Technology is seen as something really modern. Modern is out of the world, ahead of its times, ahead of norms, beyond the present. Like the second face of Janus facing to the future.

let me get to reality, let me take an example:

F = ma

If I say this equation (if you consider this as an equation) is from electrostatics you will have a short snort at me, and ask me whether I have heard of Newton.

Well who says F should always stand for Force, m for mass and a for acceleration????????

There are patterns of behavior which are followed for various reasons:

Ease of use: conventions. You create conventions to shorten the expression F stands for Force etc.

Formal processes: Just like a bachelor's program, degree education or upanayan sanskar

Rituals: to denote transition from one stage to another and tell the same to others, promotion, bachelor party, project handover, joining party, company leaving treat.

Basically traditions are also communication through human actions in groups. When you are getting married you tell the rest of society I am marrying so and so. Otherwise go fuck somewhere in a shady corner who cares?

and yes technology doesn't always mean IT or a software running in a dumb chip