Wednesday, April 20, 2005

meaning of meaning

Our notions of meaning is that of dictionary as a list of words and some text related with each word. But these are sentences themselves who are composed of other words. So either they are in a loop or a netoork in which meaning cannot be assigned to an entity in isolation but to network of relationship amongst these words.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Blabbering of the cerebrum

Is there an absolute truth an axiom around which things can be implicated or are there a network of words/ideas which collude to make a meaning out of it. Let me take an example of search for a meaning. In a simpler case we search for meanings of words(on a different level we search for meaning of life). We look for words and then there meaning which themselves are words we can go on and on and on would there be an end of it. No. so out of this loop where does meaning arise.

In the case of absolute truth as in mathematics we define an axiom around which we implicate there is no questioning of the axiom. it is always right. Take geomtery we define a point as a figure with no shape, size which has no length or breadth and moving on we define lines, planes etc then implecate there relations.