Monday, April 13, 2009

Socially Relevant Songs

Now that Indian National Congress has endorsed the song Jai Ho, we are truly recognizing movie songs as potent devices for engaging public. Hindi movie songs offer such a vast expanse than mere entertainment. The lyrics some times transgress mere personal feeling of love between two individuals and appeal to higher goals. Here are some suggestions of Hindi cinema songs which can be endorsed (@legal eagles, can I get a patent or royalty if some one actually starts using them?)

The first one is a no bummer. Indian Aviation Industry can definitely borrow from Subhash Ghai's latest megalomania: "Aaja main hawaon main utha ke le chaloon tu hi to meri dost hai". Though they have other options like "Aaj main oopar, aasmaan neeche" but Ghai's classic wins hands down.

With all due respect if Shree Bachchan ji's social campaigns (not the UP me jurmkam hai types) are not drawing in the crowds then use this Sunny Paji song for eye donation: "Tere chehre pe apni nazar chhod jaunga"

Whats the link between Jumping Jack Jeetu and a one lakh car. No prizes for this. Nano main sapna, Sapna main Sajna, Sajna pe dil aa gaya.
What better way to woo your paramour than buy her/him a Nano! The surreal and dreamy song sequence is an apt sample for Freudian analysis of an entire cinematic decade. I implore readers to watch the entire clip to see Jeetu and Sree getting high on pot.

Our dear, healthy Health Minister, Ramadoss can definitely use Shahid Baba and Balan aunty's healthy song recommending papaya for people with blood pressure issues. High BP, khaye papita (or so it sounded to me) and he is not stoned enough Shahid baba is going to take you higher on a papaya diet!

A-New Mallik meets Rapidex English Speaking course. With rising economy our musical genius should rise to the occasion and educate the masses in the truly global, queen's language. Append each Hindi line with its translation and Voila!

dekho barish ho rahi hai -> its raining, its raining, its raining
mera dil ro raha hai -> my heart is paining, its painting, its paining

Yours truly Govinda, the hero of your average cinema going Richshaw-walla educates people about traffic manners: Maine paidal se ja raha thha, une cycle se aa rahi thee. Chi chi and Lolo chose various modes of transportation to address a vast range of people - pedestrian, cycle, moto, auto hell even an airplane The brilliant piece of infotainment can replace the illustrated books used as teaching material for kids to learn various modes of transport.

It has been rumored that a television channel which provides content related to popular science is in talks with Farhan Akhtar for the environmentally conscious song listing various kinds of snakes and enumerate their physiological characteristics: Zehreeley Zehreeley, kale, peele, neele. After all daddy dear made the classic Madhuri Dixit numeracy song!