Thursday, February 03, 2005


I was reading a book called 'Sync'. It deals with synchronization amongst animals, insects, brain/heart cells out of disorganized systems. The guy has studied fireflies and gives numerous examples of such stuff. The problem is like there are numerous oscillators(say pendulum or RC-Circuits) and they can start with any charge(phase) with certain affect on each other soon they synchronize like crickets chirping together. There is no central control over the process. Somehow democratically they manage it amongst themselves. But doesnt exist in all the systems.
I could not understand the whole stuff but it said that in general there is a threshold value till which there is anarchy then the order appears. the graph that shows this behaviour reminded me of something.
In another book "Six Degrees: Science of Connected Age" the author dealt with random graphs and how social networks develop. He also showed the within a random graph the connectedness tended to be disordered but after a threshold the behaviour rised to a saturation level exponentially moving upwards but bend downwards.....
Strange and wierd non-linear is the new World gonna be....

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