Saturday, February 19, 2005

Tale of three cities

went ahmedabad baroda and back for GATE. The school had stocious facilities. The exam was supposed to start at 9:30 but we got the ORS sheet at 9:25 only. That too I was the only CS candidate in the whole centre. It was given 10 min late !!!! what man is this supposed to be practise of one of our greatest engineering centers of India.


I said...

well yes ur right.
true the so called realizaton can be a halucaination.
so to speak it can be unreal.
but then we need to ask ourselves
what is real?
is the world which we precive real?
ofcourse not? since it is based on senses.
u see a drem and during that everything apears real right?
but that isnt real. similarly arguing on similar lines we can conculde that the world as we see is not the real world but merely a perception.
how ever beautifull it might seem it is full of delusions and heartbreaks.

Honestly speaking the so called realized souls are the closest to blissfull ppl.
they re the ones who know no

| Ep/ID | said...

I loved reading this...

long time no blog?

stoppped bloggin altogether?

TheQuark said...

no just a hibernation from blogging. I dont like blabbering on a blog i blog whenever i feel like there is something to say.

Well ashu just had one doubt in ypur conclusions when we are in a dream we wake up and realize that it was a dream(and we do it quite often) but if this world is a dream then when will we wake up