Friday, July 15, 2005

Computing creates a different world which is not easily manageable. Why ?
let me be more clear.

We have a raw resources, developers/manufacturer and end -user. Now if i have an object say knife it is really multipurpose for the "end-user". The developer/manufacturer doesnt specify as to how this knife may be used or it can be used for killing only or cutting vegetable only.

The argument software(s/w) companies give is that "knowledge" as to the the "know how" of making a s/w or doing a task by s/w is easily transferable and copyable so they would be out of business if they give there knowledge for free with the product

This is not so with knife. Because one cannot create another knife out of a knife and call it his own.

now let me get back to the origianl statement.
If i give a product to my customer he can push it pull it throw it he can do anything but software is such a "constraint" thing. A software module can be used in only one way. Try seeing software as an object and see the differences.....

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