Thursday, July 21, 2005

We look at the software creation process and analyze it from starting by requirement analysis. We look at what the software has to do but we dont look at the process of computing as such. Probably it is from the evolution of computing for calculating. Computers where started as number crunching machines. But nowadays who uses it for pure number crunching we have concepts like logic programming where the user/programmer gives/states the problem not how to solve it. Why not apply it on the machine level?
Why not have machines which dont processon numbers like 0/1 but on symbols? That way the whole basics of computing will change . To bring a revolution we have to identify the underlying conflicts and provide newer solutions? Question everything. What was best 10 year back may not be the best today. We chose binary system because it is easy to identify two levels of electronic signals. We chose 0 and 1 so that we can do complex mathematics in series of small steps. But why do we still do it. Why not lookup for alternatives.

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