Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Ever heard of words like pappu, baburao, chhotu, tumhara chhotu. If you hear these terms from a group containing males that too of north indian variety then rest assured it refers not to a neghbour kiddo but you know what - the male organ.

I was wondering why is it that penis is sometimes treated as mental self image of male body. As if the sole purpose of male anatomy is embedded in it.

Second observation was about the four lettered word. In hindi as well as english sometimes it is used not only for sexual intercourse but other fateful events in ones life. Like "I got f***ed", "I f***ed him (even though i didnt f***ed him!!)"

Why is f***ing treated as an act of subverting someone or suppresing some one. Is it really related to human anatomy that physically a femal cannot rape a man (never heard of the reverse)? Is it purely cultural dominance of male gender?

Why are sexual terms, reference to private parts (non reproductive parts) and incestual remarks are used in curses and abuses?

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