Thursday, February 22, 2007

Code for Thought

Requirement, value for customer, usability, testability and all the other 'ilities' are debilitating. We need the hackers (not the password stealers), artists, craftsmen in our coding/programming industry.

It is good to take note of formal procedures, processes etc. but coding/programming is a human activity involving a lot of thought and creativity. One should experiment a lot. Write code for the sake of it, don't think about its usability or better write code for yourself. A nerd wanted to solve a problem of formatting text data and existing tool could not do it. The person concerned being the lazy programmer that he is, decided to over-kill the problem with a general-purpose tool that he could use in at least one other place and lo behold it is Perl made by Larry Wall.

So start making your own code, tools which solve your own problem chances are that others will also be facing similar issues. Or better write code for fun, just pure unadulterated joy. Work as the child plays in a sandbox

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