Sunday, February 25, 2007


Brilliant! Bravo! and kudos to Mr. Chopra to make a thoroughly perfect movie. Excellent work of picturization. He takes whatever is required out of tradition, mythology, dialectic discussion of right and wrong, caste system and ignores the crap. What I really enjoyed was the pace of movie with good twists and turns in the story.

He has made me believe again that story and script are the heroes of cinema. I thought it to be another bleak, 'ART' movie and why the hell is he not showing his story in the promos, but when you do watch the movie you will realize that it is the story which carries the whole weight.

Another point is Mr. Chopra doesn't go overboard with scenery, art as does Mr. Bhansali where actors are mere puppets strolling or living in front of a picturesque background. Let the background be background because it is meant to be at the back Mr. Bhansali.

Amitabh Bachchan at his best. Now this is what is called acting. Not to make people cry or laugh because politicians and Mr. Chidambaram are best at it but to ACT. To behave as some one else
to personify some one and when you see Mr. Bachchan you wont be watching Mr. Bachchan. You will be seeing Eklavya.

So it is with most of the cast. Boman Irani really great, Jimmy Shergill in a small yet well done role. Saif very good (though not as overpowering as Langda Tyagi)

A must watch for those souls who are fed up with crass comedies, heart wrenching NRI drama, bleak underworld stories (Actually the term underworld is a misnomer because we all carry our heaven and hell with us)

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