Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentino Diwas

The problem with Valentino Diwas is that even if you are against it you have to profess it profusely

  • It is just a fad
  • It is a marketing pogrom
  • Every day is a Valentino Diwas
  • I do not believe in such days
  • It is blatant westernization
Lauv is in the air or is it pollution


Anwin Joselyn said...

Hi. Thanks for participating in the Bangalore bloggers meet scheduled for tomorrow, Feb 16. I would like to confirm your participation and I am looking forward to meeting you in person and other bloggers as well. As of now 50+ bloggers have confirmed their participation. Email me at or call me on 9880518019 for anything regarding the bloggers meet.

desh said...

i thnk u r in love-da !!!

TheQuark said...

@Desh: :)

@anwin: Sry could not participate in the meet as I had a friend to visit