Tuesday, October 28, 2008


1984: The Big Brother is watching you

2007: Did any watch Big Brother?

(not the TV series)


Hari Shenoy said...

awesome! I've used it in my shared items. hehehehehe.

TheQuark said...

thanks. It was an old one but i never thought to put it up on blog.

desh said...

this is not the full name

it was

Big Brother: because every family has a saviour...

if i remember correctly this one had priyanka chopra (main uska deewana ho chuka hun aajkal) along with sunny paaji

they had a fast pacy punjabi number with sunny doin a dhikchik in jeet style (woh to classic hai) and priyanka dancing in a neat n clean denim along with a top which resembled a very neat and new baniyaan (like the one when you open it from a new pack)

desh said...

Baniyaan dance :)


and sunny bhai ki fight


TheQuark said...

@Desh: Rajnikant-ian and Sunny-isque physics defy Dr. Newton, hell even Prof. Albert. When they hit gravity (and other dumb laws of physics) go for a break