Saturday, February 17, 2007

Aam (the common)

no no this not any of Indian Hindi movies (Bollywood smells of American fixation, foreign fetish and reactive self perception of Indian psyche) like 'Daag the fire', 'Eklavya the royal guard'. Aam in Hindustani means common, though it also means the tropical fruit - mango. I am considering the common aspect.

'XYZ toothpaste daaton ki sadan se lade aam toothpaste se 10 guna zyada' (XYZ toothpaste fights tooth decay 10 times better than common/ordinary toothpaste)

'Kisi bhi aam detergent se de behtar dhulai' (Gives a better wash than any common detergent)

Now I am no ad or media expert but this doubt still lingers. Where are these 'Aam' toothpaste, detergent, nappy, etc sold. Who buys them? 'Aam' people?

I think these 'Aam' set of products are the only non existent products which give such a tough competition! Talking of hyper reality Mr. Baudrillard are you listening!!!
Hello !

(In the quest to be different we all are same)

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Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

rofl- i actually did imagine a movie called- Aam- the common- :) great concept!