Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentino Diwas

Phrases like Special Day, V Day, D Day, Just another day, Love is in the air (but I only see air pollution) are all hackneyed phrases over used abused misused. Spoken over and over and over to the point where my brain marching ahead in its evolutionary path silently ignores these noises as they hardly contribute furtherance of the species and nearly nill in the process of natural selection.

Valentino Diwas is a conspiracy played out by archies, hallmark and all goody goody stuff producers. Mass produced, templatized love. Diamonds are forever well they have been here forever!


desh said...

Blogging is just a way to channelize ur frustration and u have achieved tht.
Every Valentine Divas its th same story, may th next one give u an opportunity to b a lil less critical of Archies, Hallmark and Diamonds...

TheQuark said...

nope my friend this is not frustration at not being with the fairer sex on a day but frustration of commodification of emotions which are personal