Wednesday, March 21, 2007

0x49 0x6e 0x6e 0x6f 0x76 0x61 0x74 0x69 0x6f 0x6e 0x00

Bummed! Flustered! Sounds Greek!
Is it a puzzle? a code? a key to Aztec gold or secret of Da Vinci's sexual orientation or Michelangelo's link with Al-Qaeda?
The answer is Innovation. It is simple hexadecimal representation of ASCII code for innovation. (What an innovative thought eh ;-) )

Yes the innocent word innovation. Knowledge industry, flat world, globalization, information age blah blah to the nth power.

Every one is crying hoarse, look at us we are an innovative company. We lay a lot of emphasis on innovation. We want our employees to be innovative. We always innovate
Holy crap! No one cares as long as the monies are coming

Read some serious stuff here: and start innovating

(what an innovative blog)

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Kapil Barve said...

nothing innovative about it ;-)