Friday, October 19, 2007

He knew it

He knew it, the hunch , the gut feeling (ewww not the bowel movement). All the things he heard near vending machine. Logs, messages and all the jargon spouted over by the rookie sysadmins over a cup of hot coffee spouted by the machines as intelligent as them (talk of natural stupidity not artificial

Straining at the terminal pieces of code presented themselves to him in indented glory. The sudden glow and warmth ran across his body like a spotlight. He could visualize invisible vision of unseen orb in silence and the voyeur behind it. "It is for your own safety!" "Yes big brother as you say"

"Did I just pick my nose" "Sorry Big Brother" "Think hard.... concentrate .... close that Gmail window, firefox icon can be recognized from miles" "Oh come on, keep a window of source code open .... at least the one with tons of ugly text" "Yes kool, fingers near Alt-TAB ..... switch the windows as soon as the undead comes, swallow that you.....".

He tried hard to put a Murphy blind over himself. "Don't peer over the cubicle there are a bunch of semi androids there also ...". The stifling humidity as if it is void that you are sucking in as air, still even though it is void it scratches the walls of trachea the tongue just feels a dull sensation". "He could feel some one breathing down his neck, the stench, the hot humid masala laden air giving blows of disgust in him"




"Grosss, that was hell lot of sambhar for a breakfast MAN, get a life and go back
to your monitor"

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