Monday, October 15, 2007


"Our studies have shown drinking tea reduces the chances of heart diseases by 11.3%"

"A recent research has shown results that drinking tea with a lesser amount of milk leads to 16.8% chances of damage to the liver"

"Research has shown that people with pets have more chances of living longer"

Such obscure and confusing research where there is no mention of samples, methodology, reports etc leave readers in a quandary. Imagine people like me who are so weak in probability [The probability of a probability coming out more than 1 was quite high in my case].

Things get messier when statistics move from food to lifestyle. The results are not conclusive, often misleading and do not declare that they have been recommended by a professional doctor/practitioner. Increasingly the print media is moving towards such aimless pseudo-scientific banter ranging from health to even dating and etc. Giving tips on housekeeping and recipes was great but to giving an opinion regardless of the person whom it is intended for, her/his situation etc. is according to me unethical

My research has shown that having more birthdays is good for you, the more you have the longer you live!

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