Thursday, November 15, 2007

Coup Mandook

Parvez the Prez has spoken after Amrikka's Negroponte came knock knock knocking on Mushy's door (errrr where is the Rice cooking?). His plan to take his style statement from Multan to Milano is quashed. (them angrez perverts want me to take off my uniform, such kinky rascals! ok ok just this one time, can we make it fast). So people are again chained to seats. Will Mushy babe solve the su do coup?

Mushy gave an apt gift on the eve of Children's day. (Come on kiddoze an educational trip to jail for you. Who wants the third degree?) And the good sportsman he is, the hide and seek between him and Imran Khan ended in a Gotcha moment a lot of home videos made by the cricket stal-wart (surprisingly there was no ads of Chintoo Candy prevalent in pirated movie CDs from Karachi).

We have to see whether the mandook(frog) can come out of his koop(well) that he has created for himself. He is giving typical signs of a despot-in-decline by identifying himself with the country and vice versa. Purrvez's relation with Uncle Shyam (Got this phrase from Hari) are getting more obvious, not that we didn't know. Musharraf is giving a nifty potboiler with a lot of emotions and action packed drame with babe (Bhutto), stud (Imran) and buffoon (Shareef). Ek anar, chaar bimaar.

Probably he can come to India to make a movie with Mahesh Butt with some random chick and a pseudo random hunk (read Emran Hashmi not to be confused with Hasmi dawakhana) on an inspired plot 'ek fool teen mali'. A love quadrangle starring Bhutto, Shareef, Imran and Musharraf, but at the end it would be Suuny Paa-ji who would solve the problem by a hand pump.

Kya hota hai jaanane ke liye aaj hi jaye apne paas ke CDwallah ke paas


The Man said...

I remember a part of a rhyme from my days of pre-prime:
This old man, he played six; he played knick knack on my sticks;
with a knick knack paddy whack give a dog a bone, this old man came rolling home.
(All puns just as intended as in your write up.)

Surrendered Emotions said...

hilarious! :)

desh said...

mast hai, movie wud be a big hit

looking fwd for a few steamy sequences in tht one ;)

TheQuark said...

@the man: hehe

@surrendered emotions: thanks

@desh: Well we can try some tricks from our proverbial sleeve. Probably a South Indian remake? Bush already has a moustache, we need to add a good paunch.

But seriously things are going downwards. Pakistan is really in doldrums as every part of society is afflicted by tumultuous turn of events.