Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Su do - Coup

Now that mush has gone mushy mushy with his little toy land we have to know what does Bushy think! Instead it was Condolezza Rice who gave a neutral and aloof answer to the whole drama. (Some one joked that Rice would turn to a big Dosa in her grave due to fermentation)

Some people had an cynical smirk (errr dude wasn't Mush doing that stuff already? What did he do now?). It made me realize 8 [/9] years ago I was sitting in a barber's shop going to grab the Filmfare (whatever glitzy film mag he kept, I love these barber visits because all of them keep one such mag and it pisses me off to wait without them they are kind of equivalent of free peanuts in American flights) that some obscure General in a bollywoodesque thriller has grabbed the toy land from Nawaz not-so-Shareef. I thought kool man, some serious ass kicking going on (I am still wondering no one takes this as a movie script idea). It also made me realize just like Hindi cinema potboilers this stuff is going on and on. Audience is bored of item numbers , revenge story and dhishum-dhishum fight scenes. Even the frequent trips to the loo are not helping yet the movie promises to have a great climax so they are clinging on to the tickets.

As the puntastic title of the blog suggests managing army, jihadis, Bush, judiciary, pet, political opponents and at last the public is like a su do ku problem. All the numbers have to be placed at the right place under constraints. If at the start you place a number at random out of free will or folly it becomes hard to backtrack later when you know you did a mistake (Mushy: Yikes what will Bushy think of me, and these unkempt pyjama-chhaps don't know anything about style statements, they dont have any dressing sense, I should be strutting my stuff in Lycra Style awards) Will Mushy babe solve the su do coup? Will he make it to Time Su Do Coup challenge or will he follow his elder dictators? For now "milte hain is break ke us paar"


Atishay said...

nice and hilarious. Good sense of humour

EggHe/\D said...

Dear Author,
I smell evolution here. The posts are really enthralling and this one in bombastic words is fantabulous and I particularly like the relation of sudoku. Its like saying that shit happens but the way it happened is more important. So that some one can backtrack sometime to see where did it all go wrong.
On a serious note sudoku note is awesome and I am wondering where all does it apply, just because it is so simple.
Woo hooo, keep writing man, and soon you can quit your software job and I mean it. You have transcended a level and I can clearly see it mate!!!

Lage Raho !!!!

TheQuark said...

@atishay: Thangs for the compliments.

@Egghr/\d: Thanks \/ery much for the kind words. Actually I had thought of
"Pseduo Coup" but thought it might be an overkill. It is such feedbacks that encourage me to better myself.